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hi!! i really like Jade's style a lot, and i was wondering if you have posted prom inspired dresses for her. if not, can you make one please, 2 short dresses and 2 long. or 1 long and one short. my prom is on April 12. thanks! xxx

Sure thing x

Posted 5 months ago
Hey it's Mia!! I have gotten a new phone so I got tumblr and I would like to go for co owner!! What's your email so I can email you?

Of course, message me off anon

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hello I'm the little mix official fan page blog, and I was hoping that you can tell your followers to follow me ?

^ Go follow

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Hey guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t been on in months but I’m back now! So feel free to ask and request anything.

(Also, I’m still looking for a co-owner)

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Can you do an inspired look with brown combat boots?Xx

Sure thing x

Posted 9 months ago